Our Varieties


Hardneck Garlic

German Extra Hardy

Classic garlic with a mild, consistent flavor that is not overwhelming but will add flavor to any dish. Pleasantly smooth and mellow when roasted. This classic garlic flavor is versatile and works well for everyday cooking.

Red Chesnok

Bold flavor that is builds to a mild-medium heat with a flavor that lingers. Sweet and tasty garlic flavor when roasted. With flavor that lingers, it is great for adding zing to any dish.

Persian Star

A garlic-fan favorite that has a sweet garlic flavor with medium heat that mellows quickly and is not overpowering. When roasted it has a robust sweet creamy flavor. The sweet yet mildly spicy flavor works well for everyday cooking.


Medium to hot heat when used raw but mellows when cooked. True, aromatic, delicious garlic. One of many garlic lovers top choices. Great addition to any dish.

Northern White

Bold, robust flavor that is strong and lingers. Has a touch of hot, spicy flavor but is not overwhelming.

Georgia Fire

Rich and robust with heat that builds to intense with a bold flavor. With a lingering aftertaste, it has a nice bite when roasted. Its rich flavor can add a dash of spice to your favorite dish.

Spanish Roja

Low heat fades to sweet, mellow flavor that lingers. Very flavorful when roasted with a nutty, sweet, mellow but strong flavor. With its vigorous flavor, it has become a favorite among garlic lovers and chefs.


When used raw it slowly build to high heat with long lasting bold flavor. When roasted it is mild and creamy. With is bold but smooth flavor, it is versatile and fits well in any dish.


Rich and bold flavor with a spicy bite. Works great to spice up almost any dish.


Classic, intense flavor when raw. When roasted its flavor becomes more of a mild, smoky flavor.

Softneck Garlic


Very bold, intense garlic with noticeable heat and long lasting flavor. When roasted flavor and heat start slow but build and linger for a rich flavor. Adds a dash of spice to any dish.


Robust bold and spicy flavor that starts out mellow but builds in heat. Rich flavor lingers with a touch of spice when roasted. Great for adding extra zing in any dish.


Consistent, robust mild flavor that smells delicious. When roasted it has a rich garlic flavor with a mild nutty taste. The pleasant garlic flavor adds a pop of zest.

Silver Rose

Classic, mild flavor with slight heat. This garlic helps amplify other ingredient flavors in a recipe.