Pricing & shipping

Pricing info

Seed Garlic (large size): $16 per pound

  • We consider large size 1.5” or larger. Each pound contains 5 to 8 bulbs, depending on the variety.

  • We choose to use the larger bulbs as seed as they will produce larger bulbs for harvest.

Culinary Garlic (medium size): $10 per pound

  • We consider medium size 1.5” or smaller. Each pound contains 8 to 12 bulbs, depending on the variety.

  • We choose to use medium size bulbs for culinary as they are easily roasted, chopped, and stored.

Garlic Braids: Prices as marked

Garlic seasonings: $8 per bottle

  • Includes garlic salt, garlic powder, and dry minced garlic

  • Contact us for special pricing on bulk orders.


Terms and conditions

All sales are final, no refunds will be issued. With this being said, if you receive product you are unhappy with, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

While we do our best to produce the highest quality garlic. However, there are several factors that effect how well the garlic will grow once planted. Therefore, we can not be held responsible for crop success. We do not offer any type of guarantee or warranty with our product.


Shipping Info

If you prefer to pick up your order, local pickup is available by appointment. Please contact us if you prefer to pickup.

Yes, we can ship your garlic directly to you! Our shipping rates are based on USPS rates. Therefore, your shipping cost will be determined by the size of your order and your location. At this time, we only ship within the US.

Fresh garlic purchases will be shipped beginning in late August once the curing process is complete. These orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis.